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Polska wersja dostępna tutaj: klik!



Magda likes travelling, so she has decided to scribble about it a bit. She feels like organising her photos, memories, events and places, without too much ado about chronological meanders. Sometimes with her offspring (with a new addition on board) and sometimes romantically with J. aka The Best Husband in The World.

She is also fond of her house in a green medium-size city in Western Poland and a green plot of land nearby, where she succeeds in growing plants that more often than not are to her esthetic and gustatory liking (though, let's be frank, this is due to the  outstanding fertility of the ground than to the exceptional greenness of Magda's green fingers).

The home is basically white with patches of bright colouring, so after a certain magical riyadh in a Moroccan seaside beauty called Essaouira, it is aptly labelled as La Maison des Couleurs. It is inhabited by not necessarily always adorable animals in the number of four, each of which will feature in their separate tabs.

To top it all, Magda creates. Her artistic endeavors basically involve a great deal of messing around, so this blog is partly meant to introduce a degree of order into the abyss of disorder. This remains to be seen or unseen. Where did I leave it? Magda creates, i.e. draws, paints and experiments with the media (there is an ongoing craze for watercolours, there was was ink on board and there was also the pen (the thinner, the better and nothing short of black)), because Magda adores micro-drawings with plenty of micro-details. The smaller, the better. In addition to drawing, there is also embroidery, with a bit of sewing, crocheting and knitting thrown in here and there... Small-scale pottering, modelling and plasticine work also does wonders to her well-being ... and probably because she’s never managed to settle steadily down into a single form, she’s been basically skipping from one onto another without being able to generate anything resembling income from any.

Magda likes foreign tongues. The weirder sounding, the better. At one point, it just managed to save her from a dour predicament: should I mess with the Academy of Fine Arts and if so, then with which course? and for this reason she ended up with an obscure course of certain Philology instead. Unfortunately, as with everything else, it turned out to be yet another form of pleasure, and as such, it failed to generate anything resembling stable financial foundation, although she can proudly pronounce: yes, I have translated a beautiful, wise book, a deed which fills me with immense pleasure and satisfaction to this day

Magda cooks. And even more so, bakes. She is in possession of a cookbook, but as she tends to write in minuscule, no-one willing to make use of it, appears to be able to decipher it, so they choose, like Magda’s sister (also M.), to ask for the recipe for this cheesecake, you know, the good one, easy to make, the best, the one that toped all other dishes at Christmas, so Magda gets asked for the same baking instructions ten times in a row, as the Messenger seems to forever lose it in the vastness of its content. No more of that! From now on, the recipe will comfortably sit in its own assigned, kosher, unminisculed place of residence. Forever.

Magda loves flea markets, the idea of recycling as well as the gratifying moments of the unearthing of hidden treasures. She far too often hears words of resignation: Mum, have you again hauled in yet another bowl / plate / vase / … It is Emski, my elder Son, doubling as dishwasher operator, who might extend the Unwanted list, if he cared to. Magda also thrives when shopping second-hand, and because the wardrobe, just like the cupboard, also has limited capacity, she is harboring an idea with a promising potential to combine her passion for upcycling excavations with her higgledy-piggledy creativity, which may even result in unlikely reinforcement of her financial plan, so untimely crippled by the maternity leave.  More of it to feature in the section: Excavations.

Anything else?

That should do, ‘cos self-oriented rambling has never been one of my pastimes. Feel free to explore whichever of the tags you fancy. I’ll be taking you to places, to people, colours, objects, events, feelings, beasts and munchies. Lots of places, colours, yummy tidbits and domesticated varmints, since their fur resides on Magda wherever she goes, anyway.