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Matryoshka (rus. матрёшка) is a hollow, wooden figurine, with smaller, smaller, smaller, smaller, smaller and smaller figurines inside. 

The shelf above my desk hosts a Matryoshka from an antique shop. It is beautiful, colorful, with all the right imperfections characteristic of hand-made gadgetry. It comes with two missing figurines and this is yet another reason why it is rendered infallibly legendary:)

And one more thing: just like oil-painting, puff pastry, tiramisu and this blog, it’s got layers.


Gallery of Saturday Excavations 2/2019

Gallery of Saturday Excavations 2/2019

Gallery 2/2019

Choose, pick, buy


Andrzej, the bric-a-brac vendor surprised us today with a new catchphrase: "Choose, pick, buy” - he repeatedly hooted over the ears of Saturday treasure seekers. And there is a lot to choose and pick, because Andrzej the vendor always has a lot of things, we always find something (in my seeking career I only left one or two Saturday flea market empty-handed, but it's not without significance that I was with Emski, at that time, an effective archenemy of more cup-shopping).

The vendor hooted, Emski struggled with the element in the form of typhoon Godzuki at home, and we, with blissful ignorance kept picking and choosing, wheeling and dealing, chopping and changing. And here is what we brought home:

Bowls in the number of four

Excavation classic, Emski's curse, or bowls. I love, adore and I possess in excess. But I can’t help not visiting ’the pots’, as the bric-a-brac section of the market is unassumingly labelled.  The moment I spot a piece of pottery, I will immediately know that summer fruit will look pretty in it with whipped cream and wild strawberries or, as it turned out the same evening, ball-shapped pineapple pulp for dessert. It is simply so with kitchen crockery that you immediately see something delicious on it (or is it just me?). And thus, they end up in the shopping bag. Even if it's a hundredth bowl in the drawer.

As not all that glitters is gold, so not all that’s dented is rubbish

Yes, it has a few dents on its black edge. But it is absolutely divine. Spotted, picked, chosen and bought by J. I also "see" it with something delicious, as a stand for the cup, "the transparent one, for black tea with lemon and fruit jam" (I love teas with lots of floating debris). Or maybe it is meant to be hanging among the dozens of knick-knacks colonising the kitchen? Hmmm ... And you? "Do you see it" at your  home?


Nothing more nothing less. A fish, please?

A surprise egg

Another treat spotted by J. A ceramic egg with a surprise in it - a beeswax candle. And we already know that it will find its way to the Easter table. Meanwhile, it pleases the eye away from Maciej's soft paws.

Strange is this bird, it is.

A napkin ring in the shape of ... a colorful kiwi bird? If nobody warms to it, I swear that I will give it a photo shoot. Its face seems to beg for it.

After returning home, we found the enraged Godzuki in the arms of courageous Emski. They were wandering over the battlefield, which before our departure had been a regular living room, and we found it infested with toys of all sorts, with all possible types of hammocks, rockers, deckchairs and towels, because Godzuki drools like an enthusiastic slug. "Buongiorno!" - we happily shouted at the entrance. "He has not been sleeping for forty-nine minutes, take him away from me!" Emski mumbled exhausted. He did not even react to the sound of the crockery in the overflowing shopping bag.

Her Majesty Pizza

Her Majesty Pizza

The Fat Thursday

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